Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 31

- The Cabinet reshuffle dominated the news tonight, with the big winner being Darren Hughes, a new Minister outside Cabinet, who managed to get interviewed on One, 3, and Prime. Not bad for the new Deputy Leader of the House. Everyone decided it was fairly cautious, although TV One pulled out all of the stops, sending Simon Dallow down to Wellington to chat to Guyon Espiner face-to-face in the Debating Chamber. Quite sad really.
- The tougher dog control laws got a fair amount of coverage - a good start for Nanaia Mahuta, but Auckland International Airport's decision to turn down the Canadians only managed to see the light on Prime (and Checkpoint).
- The big story of the night that snuck into the Prime and 3 bulletins (and a few ZB ones), was the fact that dead didymo cells were found in the Tongariro. This is the end?
- While Campbell had a nice chat with an Austarlian consumer advocate over multi-nationals and their shoddy goods, Sainsbury chewed the fat with the PM over her Cabinet reshuffle, before moving on to his hard-hitting story on curry.
Good night.

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