Wednesday, 24 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 24

- According to TV One and TV3, the fires of Malibu was still the most important news story of the day in New Zealand.
- Not so with Prime, which led with Dr. Skilling's report from the NZ Institute encouraging New Zealand to pull back from Kyoto. One agreed this was a big story, putting Dr. Skilling in their opening segment (he manages to get around quite well) - although it focused on the to-ing and fro-ing between the Guvmint and the Opposition rather than the actual story.
- The other big local story that received the consensus of all of our visual broadcasters was the Parliamentary Debate on the Suppression of Terrorism Act. Not much was actually said (that would involve too much explanation of what it actually is), but everyone wanted to ensure they were on top of it. Except me.
- 3 pulled one out of left-field with their second story on the conviction of the pounamu thieves being convicted. Checkpoint picked up on it too, but you expect that. Mark Solomon, Chair of Ngai Tahu, was well-chuffed.
- While 3 gave a paid advertisement to Meridian Energy's new enviro-friendly HQ on the Wellington Waterfront, One went with the Stagecoach story. While the bus company was happy to pay out a sum of money to the family of a chap run down by a driver, it was unwilling to apologise. Legal action is likely.
- Later on our current affairs due, while Mark Sainsbury did an old story from Campbell (the case of the disputed burial plot), John was talking to Scott Opticon of Auckland University and Assistant Police Commissioner Jon White about the legality of the road blocks in Ruatoki. Tough times for law enforcement agencies.
- My moment of "Why did you do that?" belongs to David Baldwin, Chief Executive of Contact Energy, for taking an interview with Mary Wilson. Always a rough ask at the best of times, but admitting to having brown asbestos at the plant you've closed when Mary knows it's the most dangerous type and you don't is one of those cringe-worthy seconds that seem to last for hours.
Good night.

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