Thursday, 25 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 25

- Tau and Trev were top of the news today. Fairly good coverage all round, although the top picks are: Barry Soper's recreation on Prime, footage of Trev calling Tau out in the House from the Parliamentary Service's cameras on One, and 3's access to Tau's supporting txt from Dr. Don Brash. All wonderful examples of NZ's press gallery. Everyone agreed Trev would probably stay in Cabinet, but get a stern reprimand (and demotion).
- Malibu's still burning and so is the story.
- The ongoing Tame Iti story continues to have legs.
- The schoolgirl in Christchurch who was blown under a bus by a gust of wind got wide coverage. - As did the resignation of the last oncologist at Wellington Hospital (Campbell went with that one - a tragic story).
- 3 had a good scoop, with Mini Garner reporting on a Labour Party plot to put up a candidate against David Benson Pope. Much more interesting than the Stoush in the House. And Prime actually covered the Guvmint's (at the behest of the Green's) plan to have an Ombudsman investigate the prison system. The Honourable Mr. Burton looked awfully uncomfortable sitting next to Nandor.
- The Wireless had fun with Trev and Tau too, but was slightly more interested in the dressing down (of sorts) Dr. Cullen received in Dr. Bollard's statement on the OCR.
- Campbell was on the oncology route, while Sainsbury was on the proifteers in the leaky buildings industry, chatting to Bob Clarkson.
- My moment tonight was TV One's breaking news that Tokelau had decided to remain a colony after 6.30pm. Checkpoint broke it before 6, and even 3 had it opening its second segment. For shame.
Good night.

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