Monday, 8 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 8

- There was one story tonight - the All Blacks and all the possible permutations of their loss. 3 led with Graham Henry's press conference and the NZRU saying he'd be gone by Christmas lunchtime. One gave us the workds of the players. Of course we had the public's response on both channels, as well as the wider social implications (domestic violence, a perceived downturn in the economy (which has only ever occurred after we won in '87)).
- Story number two (aside from the shooting spree in the States) was Chris Kahui signing a memorandum of understanding that he would not be released on bail until all of its issues were ironed out.
- On One, we found out that emergency services had been stretched by bad weather.
- 3 (eventually), we found out an Air Force jet was hit by lightening in Oz, and the mothballed Skyhawks were going to be wrapped in Gladwrap and parked on the footy field. The eradicator of Political Correctness, Dr Wayne Mapp, pointed out that this probably meant the deal to sell them had fallen through.
- Best hidden story went to One, with its Special Report at 6.30pm by David Young on Australian equity firms buying up Kiwi companies and selling them off piece by piece for a profit. In an about-turn, they pointed out their competitor as a company that had been bought by Aussies.
- Laurie Mains and David Moffet on Close Up. Henry on Campbell. Anything interesting? No.
- Insipid story of the eve goes to TV One. I care not that Pam Anderson has married Rick Solomon. Well, maybe a little, but only in an ironic sense of voyeurism.
Good night.

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