Friday, 19 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 19

- Karachi was on the lips of every newsreader on TV3 and One News tonight. Both had correspondents live from Pakistan, although I must note neither used NZ's fine Asia correspondent Charlotte Glennie (maybe she's still here following the Asia NZ conference last weekend).
- We had more on the terror suspects with 11 people having bail hearings today... no-one got it. The 1000-strong hikoi got some decent coverage, but Mary Wilson and Checkpoint went slightly overboard - there are other things happening RNZ. Kudos to Guyon Espiner on One for citing the fact that the SIS helped direct the operation.
- Steve Maharey's announcement that he was resigning from Parliament next year got good coverage, and I did like Sia Aston's note that the Opposition was being gracious by not cracking any 'jumping ship' jokes.
- Biggest buried story was on One - the mistrial in Christchurch after the head juror in a child abuse case rang up a witness and thanked him for his evidence. Justice waits another year.
- Campbell had an exclusive interview with a trainee at one of Tame's camps. Fiery rhetoric - IRA balaclava and all. Close Up had Paul Henry leading with a little girl who was fed up with New Zealand's potty mouths. Oliver Driver and Wendyl Nissen made up the panel to discuss the issue.
- Despite my praise for Sia earlier, she really showed her true colours (and lack of true political journo hack-ness) by citing the National Party as those who labelled outgoing Maharey as smarmy. Anyone who's anyone knows that John Tamihere (JT to his friends) was the one who (with Ian Wishart's help) coined that phrase. Alas for Major Garner going on holiday early.
Good night.

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