Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 23

- 3 bucked the trend tonight, opening with the double tragedy of mother and baby dying during breast feeding. Sadly bizarre.
- Everyone else then focused on the wild winds in the deep South and Hawke's Bay. Every conceivable angle was covered, mainly because there wasn't anything else to talk about today.
- The fires in Malibu backed it up, proving my point really.
- Unifying themes throughout the opening segments were the Glassie court appearances, home detention for two Wellington boy racers, and the house attack in Manukau.
- Prime introduced David Benson Pope's ongoing Labour Party sideshow first, with Barry Soper speculating on the Cabinet reshuffle next, before Guyon Espiner and Garner Major battled it out in their respective second segments. Much of a muchness really - Jones, Street, Parker, Cosgrove all mentioned for higher honours.
- A lil' more on the terror raids, with a chap receiving bail in Auckland, and more condemnation from the Maori Party, but not too much.
- The Wireless continued the theme, although I did note that their 5pm news bulletins picked up on NZ Football canning its effort to host the Oceania Champs due to the Guvmint's stance on Fiji. Oh, and they broke the story that Marky Mark was going to replace Ryan Gosling in the Loverly Bones next year.
- While Campbell gave us tips on how to manage our overflowing in-boxes after a long weekend and refrain from reacting hastily with an e-mail message, Sainsbury was talking to Greg O'Connor and Paul Mabey QC about bail. Current affairs versus infotainment - you decide.
- Too tough to pick a low moment, although the lack of any coverage on One about the access to land trial (two anglers were allegedly shot at by an angry farmer) was a doozy to miss. Oh, and having Karen explain away the weather patters as part of the lead story isn't really necessary.
Good night.

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