Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 16

- Another day was encompassed by our terror camps in the Ureweras. Even the Times got in on the act, as Campbell was keen to point out. Again, everyone opened with it, and ran with it, and tried to cover every conceivable aspect of it. Lisa Owen was all over Jamie Lockett's court case, coming back to us after the weather to let us know that the High Court had rescinded his bail (although she didn't get to interview him for Close Up). 3 opened with the bail hearing of Tame Iti, then went on to visit a training camp, where they didn't find any weapons. Fran Mold, sorry, Francesca, told us that the Maori Party wasn't happy with the whole ordeal, raising their issues in Parliament; as did Garner Major. 3 also pointed out that TradeMe was the site where the groups purchased most of their goods. Protests are-a-coming. I'd read Bomber if I were you.
- Tucked behind this biggie was rape allegations against four Kiwis following their drubbing by the Kangaroos. The NZRL hasn't commented yet.
- There was also an earthquake in the South Island.
- Dr. Cullen's talking down tax-cuts (for a change) in the face of the Howard and Costello act.
- And Contact's entered the wind game, announcing it will build it in Waikato. Well, 3 let us know before the half-hour was up.
- Oh, and Barbara Dreaver let us know that the PM was the only dignitary not formally announced at the Pacific Forum.
- Close Up and Campbell did all they could on the big story - Close Up stooping to an interview with Frances Mountier of the Save the Happy Valley Coalition (so she got asked a few questions by a few cops, it's not like they left her to get run down by a train, which I'm sure Dr. Elder would quite like to see), so I'm not going to elaborate. Really.
- Moment of gut-wrenching agony - not Lisa Owen's breaking news, but 3 with its report on the reaction of Ruatoki locals to the harsh brutality of the Auckland police in making their arrests. Not the story in and of itself, but its announcement of the rule of tyranny in Utopia - (I'm paraphrasing) - "One unnamed freedom fighter said the whole situation had been blown out of proportion." Too much of The Clean for that one.
Good night.

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