Thursday, 1 November 2007

The Day in Review Nov 1

- Not much difference tonight. Leading all bulletins was the cancer research linking obesity to cancer. The best battle came between One News Health Correspondent Lorelei Mason and 3News Health Correspondent Dr. Lilian Ng. Well-respected journo versus the doctor. The content was much the same really.
- Backing this up was the reward put out by police for a cold case from '88.
- National's law and order policy advocating compulsory DNA testing and tasers as standard issue got some decent traction. Unsurprisingly, Greg O'Connor was all for it - the Minister Annette King was not.
- The ongoing saga of the terror raids was continued, with the fact that three Baileys were arrested being the big topic of conversation.
- Didymo was the big loser on the telly, with One News the only one following it. (They lost points for more on Mallard, although so did Checkpoint.)
- While Campbell was interviewing one of the bailed many from the terror raids, Sainsbury was trying to grill John Key over his law and order policy. There's a big difference between being a journo and being an interviewer.
- The Wireless had a little beaut on a legal precedent being set in the Coromandel that gives local bodies greater power of veto over major projects.
Good night.

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