Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 30

- Not much consensus tonight with our famour broadcasters. The most common story in the opening bulletins tonight was speculation on Trevor Mallard's future in Cabinet and his anger management support. Hannah Hodson on TV One had a cringe-worthy moment of asking a typically banal question as she tried to get to the bottom of this hard-hitting expose on a man torn between his love for work and his new lady love only to receive "No comment."
- The crash on State Highway 1 got some traction.
- Not surprisingly, so did the media outlets' rallying together to try and publish the names of some of the people picked up in the terror raids. On which, One had a good story about a Swiss chap who was arrested, and has been beaten up twice while in jail. His lawyer's none too impressed, and Justice and Corrections are trying to make sure they don't get in any trouble. Gitmo comparisons were made.
- The announcement of the Commissioners of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Auckland's Governance didn't get the blanket coverage it received earlier in the day, although Richard Lews of Destiny NZ's support for the family of an alleged murderer was well-received by our crime journos.
- In the duel of current affairs, Campbell was the staunch defender of the Maui Dolphin, while Sainsbury held a panel discussion on the Suppression of Terrorism Act.
- Quiet pick tonight was Lorelei Mason's story on One News about the Ministry of Health's defence of its MENZB immunisation campaign following a Norwegian doco criticising the vaccine.
Good night.

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