Thursday, 18 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 18

- Consensus non grata tonight for the networks. Prime opened with the DomPost's story on the SIS gaining access to the US Government's Terrorist Database, and Keith Locke's fears that refugees could be stifled when attempting to seek sanctuary in New Zealand. Nowhere else did this story run (the spooks are everywhere).
- 3 opened with an advertising campaign for The Joneses - best PR money can buy when you've got the Associate Minister of Justice backing you over the self-regulatory body. NewstalkZB and RNZ were also over this one. I don't suppose REINZ has many friends. One waited until no-one was watching before they slipped it in (or saw that 3 led it and thought they'd better do so).
- One, on the other hand, opened with the rising petrol prices ahead of Labour Weekend (not that that's ever happened before). Reps from BP, Gull, and the AA battled it out in their soundbites, with Gull taking the high road waiting until after the weekend before raising prices. Prime went with the AA in their opening piece, and 3 did their's too, but nothing could compare to Rawdon Christie taking a leaf out of the BBC handbook on broadcasting for beginners, and satnding by a computer graphic of the Middle East, explaining away why Turkey was escalating its blah blah blah. Normally you have to wait until BBC World for that kind of coverage. Oh, and David Young also took the opportunity to point out that the price hike would likely be inflationary in the lead up to the Reserve Bank's announcement on the OCR next week.
- Everyone leaped on the day's remarks by Dr. Pita Sharples of the Maori Party that the terror raids would set back race relations 100 years. Both One and 3 interviewed a couple of organic farmers in Taupo who were most unimpressed with their questioning by the police. While everyone agreed that the nearly all Parliamentarians were distancing themselves from any concrete comment (even Trotskyite Locke), Major Garner managed to have a superb interview with Minister of Maori Affairs Parekura Horomia, who in a rare move, was caught in a concrete statement that he did not believe Tame Iti was a terrorist. Political posturing ahead of the Cabinet reshuffle or just not quick on his feet? Well done Duncan.
- The MSD report on the well-being of New Zealanders got some good traction, as did the condemnation of the police force for sponsoring schoolboy rugby ("They shouldn't have to advertise"), but two goodies were back-to-back on One: NRL clubs antsy about being kept out of the loop over the rape allegations against the Kiwis (the Tigers in particular), and the Christchurch school putting locks on the toilets to prevent errant children from smoking in them (Libertarians of the world unite!).
- Campbell and Close Up had another duel, with Campbell playing a recorded interview with Dr. Sharples, while Sainsbury had Tame Iti's son and grand-daughter. Nothing really interesting.
- Insipid moment of the night had to go to Rawdon, but I did like Amanda Gillies' attempt to get a who's who of activists at a meeting in Auckland: Minto, Oosterman, um, ah, yeah.
Good night.

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