Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 3

- Normally I keep my cringe-worthy moment for the end, but 3 called my bluff tonight, with its 'cats got its cream' moment in announcing how it was going to flout advertising legislation on Sunday mornings during the finals of the RWC. Normally I'd accept this as a news-worthy story, particularly, as was pointed out, because it's a test case. But calling 'perhaps the best sidestep of the Rugby World Cup'? To quote Brooke Howard Smith, 'Shame on you!'
- Not that One's opening piece was any better. Police defending theri actions to pepper a nasty canine with a hail of bullets in suburban Porirua. One was all about the police and guns, with its two subsequent stories on the AOS.
- The All Blacks got some good coverage on both biggies, mainly because they lost the coin toss to wear their black jersey.
- Once 3 got their act together and moved away from themselves, rugby, and the police, they got in first to talk about Chris Carter's displeasure with Housing NZ's investigation unit. Mini Garner gave the story, ending on the note that the Honourable Mr. Carter was confident improvements would be made. One didn't tell us about it until after the half hour mark, when everyone's gone to the kitchen before the sports news.
- One did give us an ongoing cry of foul by Simon Power on the Government's new bail rules; all due to a Chris named Kahui.
- The mystery of the missing man from Hastings was covered by both, before receiving an update near the half that he had been found. Case closed. Kind of.
- 3 jumped on the story of the urgent Waitangi Tribunal hearing called by a Maori woman whose Tongan husband was going to be deported. She claims he taonga. Former immigration minister and all-round good guy Tuariki Delamere is acting on her behalf (appropriately enough).
- 3 also ran with the story of The Joneses first, running it in their second segment. We like this one. A real estate agency that is hauled before the REINZ disciplinary tribunal for bringing the industry into disrepute. REINZ wasn't really commenting, as The Joneses allegedly said the industry was ripping people off. The Joneses have a flat fee, not the usual commission of other agents.
- Close Up went out to find stoned drivers, as the Guvmint's cracking down on these sorts. Campbell got in early to talk to the head of the investigation into the mystery of the missing man from Hastings that has been brought to a close, tying up loose ends, and gettting a nice feeling of a happy ending.
- The Wireless focussed on Housing NZ and the tabled transport policy document, although I did note that Rick Friesen didn't turn up on Larry Williams after Lazza noted in his opening piece that TV3 wasn't fooling anyone. A slip of the tongue perhaps.
Good night.

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