Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 2

- Kicking off our major two broadcasters tonight was the story of the night - Chris Kahui, alleged filicide, was granted bail. 3 put it down to the Government's new rules that are soft on bail, calling on stalwarts Scott Optican, Simon Power, and Garth McVicar to pass judgement. One went with the more lenient treatment, pointing out that Kahui had to wait until Tuesday when his guardian would be available to look after him. Prime kept this story until the end of its opending segment, putting forward things like the waterfront strike and the National Party's foreign policy.
- One followed this up with an update on the mystery of the missing Hastings' man. Apparently his bank was accessed. 3 had an in-depth investigation into the custody dispute that has resulted in teen pop icon Britney Spears losing her children to K-Fed.
- While 3 went on with Britters, One had a Fran, sorry, Francesca Mold Guyon Espiner tag-team attack on the Government's accusations that Macquarie was poised to profiteer on the National Party's move to have privately built and maintained schools. Labour-light John denied any accusation that he, or anyone in his party, had discussed anything with anyone in the wider business community.
- 3 righted their wrong by having a good discussion on the secret dealings between Meridian and Rio Tinto. Jeanette Fitzsimons, in her capacity as Government Energy Efficiency Spokesperson, had something to say, but Southlanders in general were pleased with the deal.
- Guyon followed up his tag-team effort by talking about the Nats' foreign policy release. I'd elaborate, but there wasn't much to go on.
- The Prime Minister's meeting with Gordon Brown got a nice piece of coverage on both sides of the box; but Andrew Potter was no match for the well-tied-one, Garner Major.
- Big ups for 3 in the form of their piece on the opening of the Buddhist temple in Flatbush. Tainted by the troubles in Myanmar, it's still good to see a widening of the news lens.
- Close Up went with TroubleYouths and YouTube; Campbell had a delightful chat with a worried father whose son has been missing for too long now... someone, maybe even the missing man, knows something, and they should come forward to ease a troubled mind.
- The Wireless was all over the place, but Paul Henry had a bright spot with his interview with Joan Withers, CEO of Fairfax, who is the last female CEO of a New Zealand company that is listed on the NZX... well, obviously they're going to be a New Zealand company because they're listed on the NZX. Nice piece of scripting there. (Ouch.)
- Insipidness has been covered. Although, I'll give extra points for doubling up with a Hollywood reporter giving Campbell the goss on Britters' misfortune. And using a correspondent in Beverly Hills to speculate on how she's feeling, and what will happen, and... you get the idea.
Good night.

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