Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 4

- The major story of the evening for the broadcasters was Pumpkin's custody, which went in favour of her nan, seeing her return to China. Even the Wireless got in on the act. Justice Peter Boshier, Principal Family Court Judge, used a loophole (much like TV3), to allow the heavy media exposure to the story.
- Number two on the list was The Truth. That marvellous rag that now owes more to Deb Hill Cone during her days at the NBR than to its usual page 3 exposes. It named the Christchurch copper, much to the chagrin of the police force and Association. One opened with it, but 3 used the ominous words "TV3 has decied against naming the officer... for now. This decision will be reviewed if the officer is prosecuted.".
- 3 gets kudos this evening for returning to its status as a normal newscaster (obviously the added exposure threw them a little), and actually running a story on the Commerce Commission's decision that Powerco and Vector have been price gouging. Who would have thunk it? Paula Rebstock always seems to enjoy her time in the limelight.
- The PM's pending visit to Passchendaele received a fair amount of coverage. As did her meeting with the top EU peoples.
- Sideshow Cam appeared in court today, and his family and friends were at pains to explain that his behaviour (the mystery of the missing man) was out of character.
- One rounded out its opening with rugby. Is there anything else?
- 3 opened with the South African miners, but the story which really grabbed me was the pending collusion between police and ambulance comms, allowing greater interaction between the two to prevent another fatal mishap from occurring. Well done.
- Close Up followed the dog that couldn't be shot, speaking to a chap who pointed out that the police could have hit each other, while Campbell talked about rugby. Is there anything else?
- The Wireless got excited about The Joneses, up until 5pm, then it seemed like a dead duck.
- Moment of pure brilliance - One News - Story Four - Princess Di's inquest. Will I never get away from her?
Good night.

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