Friday, 13 July 2007

My my my, said the spider to the fly...

Yeah. Well. What can I say? I'm slack. Sue me.
In fact, the only reason I'm actually back is because someone actually read and commented on one of my musings. Thanks Grant. You're wrong in respect to RNZ National, but thanks for waking me up from my malaise. Here's why.
There is no such thing as objective reporting, nor does any broadcast or print journo (let alone some filthy blogger) aspire to it. They may claim to offer 'just the facts', but that's an impossibility. Everything they include is subject to editorial approval, and their own personal agenda. They do not, and cannot, offer 'just the facts'. That's a fact of life. You must be sceptical of what you read, and you must question the agenda behind the story.

In other news, the story of the week has to be Brian McClennan's resignation as coach of the Kiwis. So much fun. Yesterday, in particular, when the rage of Tony Veitch, Goran Paladin, and Kath Harby-Williams built to crescendo level in taking talkback calls defending the NZRL and the ultimate announcement that Andrew Chalmers and Graham Lowe would appear on Telfer's show (this is all on Radio Sport) was absolutely brilliant. Everyone loves the little guy, and everyone loves being suspicious of the corporate structure.
Even Telf's interview had all the confrontation of a veteran broadcaster grilling a couple of very experienced and intelligent people about something they were not too comfortable answering questions on. Maybe not on par with being a little creep, but good fun nonetheless. The general consensus was that there was a conspiracy theory, and although Joseph Romanos didn't quite agree today, his heated exchange with Telf regarding Bluey's exit was more of the fiery fun we like to listen to.

Today's best moment of the morning was (surprise surprise) Marcus Lush's disdain for the Youth Parliament. People people people. Don't make these kids grow up before they have to. People like Peter Dunne are sad for reading Hansard from age 11. I love Marcus. He makes life worth living. He makes you want to get out of bed, and enjoy the simple things in life. Just go here and get a taste of it. Please. Let's get RadioLive's breakfast show some real ratings.