Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 9

- Without the All Blacks dictating what to say, our fearless broadcasters didn't have any unity tonight. The only common stories in One and 3's starting line-ups were the ongoing saga of the Glassies (Nia's mum was charged with manslaughter), the siege in Ohope (which didn't lead on either channel), and feelgood story Steve Williams (Tiger's caddy) donating a million to Starship's Cancer Ward. Sheesh.
- 3 opened with Qantas's announcement that it was upgrading services to cater for the business traveller. One didn't touch.
- One led with a troika of health stories: the trial of a new radiotherapy cancer treatment; a breakthrough in chemotherapy in Oz; and a lung cancer patient in the BoP who's had her operation cancelled three times. On the last one, Francesca Mold managed to through a little name-calling in the House between Pete Hodgson and Tony Ryall, but nothing substantial.
- One also ran the piece on Winston Peters' office receiving a paper from CTAG regarding the Air NZ charter flights to Iraq. Winston was most unimpressed, and not really owning up to much. Guyon gloated, then segued on to the Nat Attack regarding the Ingram Report (anyone remember that?), not that it went very far. 3 didn't touch Winnie, although Mini-Garner did do a piece on the Nat Attack in the second stanza.
- All quiet on the tele's front. The Wireless was mainly interested in the Glassies and the stand-off, and Winston to a degree.
- Close Up went with the drunk vandals who left a couple of kids in hospital, and all ended up in jail. Campbo had Hamster from Top Gear plugging his book.
- Insipid moment was the oddness of it all. It's as though there's enough news for two.
Good night.

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