Friday, 5 October 2007

The Day in Review Oct 5

- Oddly enough, all every broadcaster could lead with tonight was Taito. (I wonder if he'll retain the honourable title if he gets convicted?) The High Court determined that Mr. Field can be charged with 15 counts of corruption as an MP. Test case season really. One ran through the details, and then had the politically astute Hannah Hodson explain the ramifications of the case. 3 tried to handle it properly with comment on the ruling, comment from Mini Garner, and another piece outside Mr. Field's house before playing an interview with the Member.
- Number two for all was John Dewar. Sentenced to four-and-a-half years. Louise Nicholas was awfully chuffed. Dewar, not so much.
- One followed up on the fireball at Mount Maunganui, using journalist extraordinaire, Lisa Owen on location. 3 wasn't overly fussed.
- The Pike family's press conference updating their son's condition got some traction (it is Friday after all).
- Passchendaele got some good props, with all and sundry stating that the PM wants to give the issue a bit more going over. Only Prime pointed out that some All Blacks attended the commemorations. Hmm.
- Close Up had That Guy (alongside a couple of rugby supremos) talking about the Rugby World Cup (do go and have a look at That Guy's World Cup), while Campbell had a cautionary tale about the dangers of Auckland at night, and how the police were unable to crack down on the mean streets of Uptown.
- My moment came not from this evening, but from Maggie Barry this morning in her chat to Carl Nixon. Surely Radio New Zealand National Programme does not have to be so sycophantic in its treatment of New Zealand writers? Surely it doesn't have to discuss the minutiate of their lives and how every moment they spent in the eighth summer of their lives on their great uncle's sheep farm shearing ewes has symbolic reverance in every short story they ever wrote from age nine? Surely they can leave that for Campbell? Surely? (I may or may not be using hyperbole.)
Good Night.

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