Friday, 7 September 2007

The Day in Review Sept 7

- Leading all bulletins was the man with the mad eyes, Antonie Dixon, having his murder conviction quashed by the Court of Appeal. Most of the ruling's findings were suppressed, but the judge's direction appears to be the cause. Defence lawyer Barry Hart was upset that he had not been able to talk to Antonie (personally, I think that would be a good thing), while Crown Prosecutor Simon Moore was upset for other reasons. One and 3 ran their stories side by side, and until the summing up, were virtual replicas.
- One ran an exclusive on the man from Cromwell whose car may or may not have been bugged by police. 3 caught up with a bit piece later on in the day.
- APEC got a good going over, with most of the focus on the mad lads who have become the toast of the town withe their antics getting international coverage. There was also a little bit on Helen Clark's stance on nuclear power, with 3 focusing on how she was trying not to alienate anyone. Guyon Espiner ran with the push for an FTA on One, hinting that the deal was getting closer.
- 3 also ran the announcement that we've got an Osama video on the way in time for the sixth anniversary of 9/11.
- Rounding out the first segment were pieces on the RWC. Zinzan's return and comment on the All Blacks founds its place on 3, along with Mike McRoberts showing his ability as a foreign correspondent by giving us a brief preview of the opening ceremony (how can his Iraq pieces compare to that?). One went with Dan Carter's meeting with Zidane. The comparison will not be commented on. They followed it up with a feel good piece on a blind grandmother's preparation for the Warriors' play-off match.
- Close Up and Campbell had a great head-to-head - Steve Price with Sainsbury vs. a RWC preview with Carol Hirschfeld (and Wynne Grey). Classic.
- Too quiet for an insipid moment. Maybe 'Mister Pip' being the favourite to win the Booker. I just don't know.
Good night.

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