Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Day in Review Sept 27

- Leading all the way was the police shooting in Christchurch last night. Prime opened up with witnesses claiming the deceased was unarmed, and had the Police Association saying now was a good time for tasers, 3 went with the police defending the shooting, while One went with the account that the man was about to whack the officer with a hammer. 3 went on to the push for tasers, and yesterday's e-mail saga in Christchurch (although the man wasn't wielding a knife), whereas One went on to discuss the police's official gun policy. Steven Wallace's mother went on the wireless, and the parallels were easily made. Which letter will be added to this constable's name?
- One followed up this piece with the reopening of Mount Ruapehu, and had the lovely Sonya Wilson frolicking in the ski-fields. She reported on lahars too. Oh, and had a GNS scientist for credibility. 3 waited until after the break before returning to William Pike, preferring to note a head-on collision near Queenstown that was the site of a fatal unimog accident a few years back.
- The mystery body in the Bay of Plenty got some props, with Tokoroa police believing it to be Jimmy Slater; a man missing for 20 years.
- Darin Gardiner was found guilty of murder (surprise surprise).
- 3 let Garner Major loose on Tony Ryall, who was deeply apologetic for omitting the move to lose the GP fee cap from National's discussion paper. Earlier on NewstalkZB, Barry Soper pointed out that he had mentioned it once before... kind of.
- 3 also let us know that Pumpkin wanted to go to China with her nan.
- One did hide a nice little piece in its 6.30 ixposay, with Guyon Espiner grilling Mary Anne Thompson of the Department of Labour over the department report finding serious shortcomings at the border. Needless to say, Winston appeared on camera, armed with his crocodile smile and smooth coiffure.
- The Wireless was wrapped up in the shooting, as was Mark Sainsbury and John Campbell. Superintendent Sandra Manderson appeared live on Close Up, leaving John Boy to play one of those silly replay interviews where he asks the questions and she answers as though it were actually taking place for all the viewers to watch (much like an All Black replay). Reminiscent of the hey-day of Close Up when Susan Wood was hosting it, really.
- Insipid moment - One News. Melissa Stokes following in the footsteps of her predecessor, Lisa Owen (I had to get that in there). Read the summary:
French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj has turned the haka into a ballet performed by women in heels. Four All Blacks have watched the show in the South of France.
Good night.

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