Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Day in Review Sept 18

- The little Pumpkin girl dominated proceedings tonight, with further details released, such as the police investigation into the disappearance of the girl's mother (on everyone) and the Unitec film about the father's missing daughter from a prior marriage (exclusively on 3), and the Australian response (with Garth Bray on One), and the CYF revelation that they had previously investigated the family (on the Wireless). My money goes to Tze Ming Mok and her patch.
- 3 followed up this mega-story with further probing into ACC's decision to pay for the victim of a gang-shooting who was on AFFCO property. Unfortunately, Mini-Garner (Scott Campbell) was covering it as Garner Major (Duncan Garner) was at the Destiny NZ disestablishment. While Minister Ruth Dyson claimed in the House that AFFCO took some responsibility in return for discounted levies, AFFCO stated it did no such thing. One gave the piece a 40-second slot later on regarding Anne Tolley's question in the Chamber.
- Our second big story of the night was the official announcement of the disestablishment of Destiny NZ as a political party, and its alignment with Gordon Copeland's new and improved Christian Coalition. The highlight was when Gordon admitted he didn't know he would be a co-leader with Richard Lewis (formerly of Destiny NZ).
- One had a nice little number on the Government hinting it was going to ask property developers to build low-cost housing. Colin Dallas of Kingdom Residential Housing believes it will be effective. I just can't seem to wipe the sneer off my face.
- 3 combatted this with a story on the investigation into a Burnham Army Camp fire truck that fell into a Canterbury Creek en route to a fire when a farm bridge collapsed... it failed to take the twelve tonne truck. No apiarists were harmed.
- Other big story of the night. Becks. Stadium. Big bucks forked out. Big bucks to be made.
- John Boy and Mark were smitten with Pumpkin, and continued along that railway line. Me, I switched off. Sorry.
- Moment of the evening: OJ. It's nice to know that there are people out who are ignorant enough to try and mess with The Juice.
Good night.

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