Thursday, 20 September 2007

The Day in Review Sept 20

- A more indepth review would be a bonus today, but alas, there were only two stories according to our broadcasters, and one required much more coverage on the other. That of course would be the body in the boot, or the ongoing saga of Pumpkin. Every conceivable (to a journo) angle was covered, from how slowly the police took to open said boot (everyone), to how many journos did stories in front of the boot (Amanda Gillies on 3), to the police conference in Wellington defending their actions (everyone), to Lisa Owen pontificating (One), to Simon Dallow's exclusive interview with friends of Anan Liu (One), to Clayton Cosgrove making sure that Pumpkin's gran can come to NZ (everyone). Oh, and Sainsbury had an exclusive with Qian Xun's sister.
- The other biggie was the Government's climate change/carbon trading story. Again, our broadcasters broke it down to how it was going to impact on you (One had a grumpy old pensioner, 3 had optimistic youths (demographically speaking of course)), followed by their respective political editors explaining the actual policy away, because only Guyon and Duncan can do that for you (and are interested enough to do that for you), backed up by a story on how the Government was finally giving the forestry sector a break by allowing them to keep their carbon credits pre-1990. I thought agriculture got the biggest break myself, but hey, I don't have a farmer's moan to back me up. Oh, and Campbell had an exclusive with an Antarctic chap who swears that in eight years, the world will know climate change.
- These two aside, not much else happened. The murdered Auckland kid's accused was named; Gordon Copeland walked from his Christian Party; OJ was granted bail.
- The Wireless wasn't much better.
- Insipid and unnecessary (excluding Lisa Owen): Britney has to undergo alcohol tests in the hours preceeding her custody of the kids as her custody battle with K-Fed heats up.
Good night.

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