Monday, 24 September 2007

The Day in Review Sept 24

- Or a tale of two murders. The deaths of a 74-year-old engineer in Kenya and a Year 13 boy in London were the hot topics on our big broadcasters and the Wireless today. (There is no depression in New Zealand or We don't know how lucky we are - your pick.)
- The ongoing saga of Nai Yin Xue and Anan Liu saw more coverage with Superintendent Neville Matthews arriving in LA to help with the investigation. Kate Lynch was on location for 3 (who killed Laura Palmer?), while Tim Wilson was our man in the States for One. Lisa Owen was also on location, at Auckland International Airport (note for those who don't know Auckland too well, that's quite a distance from the Death Star on Hobson St).
- The other big story our broadcasters felt it important enough to make the top of the bulletin was the Prime Minister's displeasure with the Parliamentary Rugby Team (despite it rollicking success), as the players receive commercial sponsorship (as opposed to tax-payer funded). I just don't know anymore.
- A story that got traction on 3 (and the Wireless with Jim Mora) was proposed legislation to ban driving under the influence of drugs (pharmaceuticals included). Boy there's a big row about to break out, as Mini-Duncan (Scott Campbell) pointed out to us. Metiria Turei was the voice of reason on this one. (Irony included at your own discretion.)
- The other big story hidden in the second Act, was given much better depth by our man Garner Major. After a review, it has been decided that Landcorp will not be selling Whenuakite land, nor will it sell other farms without first consulting the iwi involved. Perhaps the Guvmint should have contacted John McInteer of the Hauraki Maori Trust Board before Duncan did, at 4pm. One soon followed suit with a snippet (I'll be waiting for Hirini Henare to cover it on Te Karere personally).
- Oh, and Doug Howlett managed to eclipse Christian Cullen's try-scoring record for the All Blacks (of course it made the first Act), along with the confusion over the colour of the jerseys (Only on One).
- The Wireless didn't really have too much to say, although it did give us some nice coverage on National's attempt to sneak in partial privatisation on a Sunday/Monday morning. Smooth Bill, smooth.
- The insipid moment of the night could have gone to One News for changing its format (ever so slightly), and its awful AWFUL re-introduction of Jim Hickey (Wendy should be seen and not heard), but 3's effort to stick to the hard news wins with a piece that would not end on Shane Warne's ongoing fidelity issues. (I refuse to go into further detail.)
Good night.

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