Monday, 17 September 2007

The Day in Review Sept 17

- Leading our bulletins tonight was the lost little pumpkin girl at the Melbourne railway station and the plane going down in Phuket. I'll avoid all cynical comments - it's too early in the week.
- 3 followed this up with some good ol' self-promotion by covering its rescue mission for the two Kiwis chasing the All Blacks in France who had been ripped off. Good PR all round for the three sponsors (Heineken, BNZ, and Telecom) who came to the rescue. And the good hearted All Blacks who are going to let the couple into one of their training sessions.
- One preferred a Climate Change survey which found 36% of New Zealanders (read respondents) wanted the Government to consider nuclear power in addressing this global phenomenon. The PM had a raft of reasons to decline their plea.
- OJ's ongoing criminal career got a bit of coverage, as did Sir Richard Branson's support for the McCanns, and the Emmy Awards too.
- 3 snuck in a piece on Destiny New Zealand's pending announcement, which Duncan Garner tips to be a disestablishment of the political powerhouse to allow a new coalition of the Christian kind. Somehow, I just can't see moderate Christianity cuddling up to Destiny, but that's just me.
- The Wireless didn't give much respite, with another slow news night seeing both Close Up and Campbell gushing over Pumpkin in Melbourne and the cruel heartless father who abandoned her. I suppose Campbell's gushing over Clive James was always going to happen, but that doesn't make it less passe.
- Sorry folks; the news was the loser.
Good night.

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