Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Day in Review Sept 11

- Leading our bulletins was the ongoing saga of the Auckland teen murder, with breaking news that a chap was arrested and charged. Bebo played an all-important role in tracking down the alleged culprit.
- 3 ran the disestablishment of the Serious Fraud office second, while One held it back a little. The Police Association welcomed the changes, and while 3 ran the Government's line, One went to Simon Power, who hoped its new incarnation worked better than its predecessor.
- Damien O'Connor's offer to resign received the appropriate coverage, with John Key taking every opportunity to accuse the PM of being opportunisitic in holding back until her reshuffle. 3 seemed to be more interested in the fact that D.O'C tried to quit via text message.
- Hackers in the system got a reasonable level of reporting, and while H1 knows who tried their luck, she's not saying anything.
- 3 covered REINZ's housing report on how we had finally become slothful. Nothing surprising.
- Rounding out our opening segments were reports on the US commander on Iraq and the police alert in Germany over a US airport on 3, and the deaths of the the Body Shop founder and actress Jane Wyman kept us on One.
- The wireless gave us a bit more info on the NZRU's decision to pump some more cash into community rugby, with Steve Tew talking to Willie Lose, and Murray Deaker pontificating with Larry Williams.
- Close Up opened with the evils of youth and how the world was coming to an end, while Campbell continued with the Opotiki exhumation before having a heated discussion between Associate Minister of Health Jim Anderton and that wonderfully kooky Health Spokesman Nandor Tanczos on banning BZP.
- The worst story ever has to go to TV3 for its piece on whether Paris Hilton was going to find a nice Kiwi lad, as her friend is coming to NZ as a celebrity judge at the World Cocktail Champs. I don't know why I bother sometimes.
Good night.

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