Friday, 21 September 2007

The Day in Review Sept 21

- Tonight we were given two major stories to dwell on that our major broadcasters alternated on. One led with the ongoing saga of Anan Liu, and how the police admitted (not their first mistake, but perhaps one that any politician tries to avoid) that they could have opened the boot earlier, while 3 gave it to us in position number two. We were given more details on the investigation, told that the courts would decide on who would gain custody of Pumpkin, and that the police were considering sending over officers to the States to hunt down Xue. It was nice to One News strategist Lisa Owen taking over this story and giving us her two cents worth.
- 3 led with the rescue of some school students in a cave who were trapped by floodwaters, and how they had to hold their collective breath and duck their heads underwater to escape. One gave it to us second.
- Fires in Wanaka, the Iranian President's visit to the States, the McCanns, and the fact that Nightline would have the Supreme Award Winner at WOW on followed up. 3 ended their first opening segment with the cat fight at Fashion Week (Aja Rock and Nicky Watson).
- One gave us bits on how a crane had to be taken down to let Queenstown Airport continue operating, and followed this up with Taupo Motorsport Park looking to a public float to earn a bit of cash (what's $3m between investors?).
- The Wireless bored me so I ignored it. Sorry.
- Close Up (Henry) continued their exclusives on Anan Liu with more of her family, while Campbell had a lovely chat with Rachel Hunter. 'Nuff said.
Good night.

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