Monday, 10 September 2007

The Day in Review Sept 10

- The top story of the day according to our favourite television executives was the investigation into the murder of an Auckland teen. Most interesting was the make of car implicated... a Mercedes.
- The accident in Christchurch that claimed the lives of three teens also received a lot of coverage, with all the usual suspects calling for an end to youth driving.
- The hit and run trial rounded out our trio of terror at the top of the hour.
- New Zealand's working holiday agreement with the US got a lot of coverage, although the broadcasters all had to institute that wonderful NZ xenophobia and include the protests to such a heinous agreement.
- The fate of Damien O'Connor didn't get quite the coverage expected, with it seeming likely that everyone will have to wait until the reshuffle to see the good Minister go.
- Pharmac's investigation into the the high number of children on antidepressants got a bit of a spread, with Dr. Peter Moodie doing all he can to ensure he and his are not to blame.
- Throw in the McCann investigation for a bit of an international mix, and that's the major bulletins rounded out (excluding 3's RWC package which was missing from One's opening segment (sigh of relief)).
- Close Up ran with an expert on the dangers of cruise liner living, while Campbell had Geeks on Wheels talking about how they had benefited so much in the wake of Telecom's Bubble being burst, proving that he won't bow to sponsors by pointing out that Telecom refused to be interviewed tonight, and sending his great journalistic off-sider, the lovely Carol, out on to the streets of Mangere to see how a small budgeting service that helped those less privileged people in the greater Auckland area struggled to get anywhere with the heartless beast that is Telecom NZ.
-And 60 Minutes had a piece on NZ's drinking culture (but that's still in the future so I don't know exactly how we stack up).
Good night.

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