Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Day in Review Sept 19

- Pumpkin and her mum led the way, with the discovery of the body of an Asian woman taking hold of every anchors' lips. So much so, that TV3 devoted its entire opening segment to Pumpkin, her family, the investigation, and how Chinese New Zealanders like to use Skykiwi to talk to the authorities as it's less daunting than anything else. 'Nuff said I say.
- John Key's call to give Clint Rickards a nice Golden Handshake got considerable coverage, with 3 focusing on Key wanting the matter dealt with (and Peter Dunne sidling up to John Boy), while One took the Prime Minister's dismissal of Mr. Key's political naiveity and complete disregard for legal process. Odd seeing the State broadcaster backing the State on this one.
- One also had the only coverage previewing tomorrow's big climate change/carbon trading announcement, with Guyon Espiner waxing lyrically about how the agricultural sector was going to be given (another) break. They followed that up with a piece on Qantas accepting that NZers liked the idea of carbon neutrality.
- 3 jumped on the opportunity to stick it to Sky following its victory in the High Court, banning Sky from using RWC coverage on its lifestyle programmes. There's nothing like a good winner I say.
- The Fed Reserve's decisison to lower interest rates in the States saw some traction, as did the fall-out from the new Christian party. But all-in-all, it was a fairly quiet night (again).
- Campbell gushed over a poor woman who had to stay indoors because she developed an intolerance to sunlight, poor old gal. While Sainsbury had us feel sorry for the family of a special needs kid who drowned on a school outing.
- Not much else to say, other than Go OJ Go.
Good night.

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