Friday, 1 June 2007

Once more into the breach, dear friends.

Well the Mercury Energy thing continued to be a blight on New Zealand today, and the media got in with their chops ready for the licking.

Sean Plunket on Morning Report gave his usual attack dog approach, questing for the answers to yet another blunder from the system. All hail the little man. Admittedly, he did seem somewhat pleased that the PM was laying the blame on the middleman. No-one likes contractors at the best of times really. What you should do: trust the little guy.

Meanwhile, Michael Laws over on RadioLive's morning talkback spiel decided it was merely one of those things that happens. Awfully sad, but let's get over it and move on. While I have to admit I do agree with him to an extent, I was worried by the overwhelming support his listeners gave the energy company. Whatever happened to trusting the little guy first, especially when power companies are involved. And the Government to boot. Whoops, I forgot that it was a Samoan family. Tolerant New Zealand doesn't particularly like Islanders, unless they're playing rugby or league for whatever team we support (I may be overstating the level of racism in this country a lot, but there is a definite stream of xenophobia around). Who to blame: the little guy.

Hewitt Humphrey and Sarah Bristow on Radio New Zealand's Midday Report took the State broadcaster's usual approach that things are not so hunky-dory for the big guy, and the lil' guy's takin' them to court to get some payback. While Radio NZ strives for that airy goal of objective reporting, they always fail to reach it. (I suppose that's why I like them so much. Always good to follow the Beeb's left-leaning ways.) What's the little guy to do: sue.

Aside from that, talkback tended to veer away from the Muliaga family today. (Not that I'm complaining.) And the blogs don't have too much to say either. Everyone's just waiting waiting waiting for more info. How sedate. What's the infoweb going to do: wait.

(I am ignoring the huge photos the daily metropolitans are running of the Muliaga family in their time of need, while, of course, giving nothing but the facts. Go figure.)

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Grant said...

Where do you find this 'objective' journalism then? At least RNZ has a go at it ...just like all public broadcasters should be doing