Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The little guy's still standing

The long weekend meant I didn't have to man the station for three whole days, and while I do like to have a good read of the papers on the weekend, I try not to delve into the media too much. Everyone needs a break every now and then.

The Muliaga case continued to drag on. And on. And on.

The papers (The Dominion Post and the Sunday Star-Times (yes, I'm a Fairfax ho)) lapped up the coverage of Mighty River's mighty powers acting fairly humbly in going to the Muliaga family to take back all those hurtful things they had said. You, too, got to have a feeling of superiority over those nasty electricos that everyone loves to hate.

In his interview with the Prime Minister, John Dunne, down in Christchurch, continued to defend his view that no-one could really have a strong opinion either way, and it was too soon to lay the blame. Ms. Clark wasn't so sure, and Mr. Dunne was roundly treated to a stern telling off. I suppose, given his audience (apologies, but Christchurch has a seedy underbelly) the listener was supposed to lap up his defiance in the face of our nation's supreme being, but being Wellingtoncentric, I couldn't help but laugh at his little tirade against the Man.

Phil Wallington on National Radio's Nine 'til Noon, a slot which everyone should listen, wasn't too unhappy with the media's coverage of the story, but he was disappointed (along with you dear listener) that the media didn't ask the right questions. He did approve of the all-round disappointment shown at the power guy's actions, and (with glee I write) he was disgusted, like Radio NZ's listeners, at the condemnation of the Muliaga family. Shame on you. Feel some white liberal guilt, then go back to your lattes people.

Gerry Brownlee and Judith Collins got some good soundbites on NewstalkZB's news bulletins roundly criticising the Government's moves to link social welfare with power disconnection policies. Always looking out to save your tax dollars people.

And, touch wood, that will be that. Until tomorrow.

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