Wednesday, 6 June 2007

A Literary Man of Letters

Joe Bennett, what happened? You used to be a pillar of literary integrity, with your regular slot on Book Time Zone of MoonTV fame, leading to the world of words, but, alas, your current column in the DomPost shows you know not who Hank is. Alas.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Joe's latest column in the Dom showed his ignorance in all things Bukowski. I'm not saying that's incredibly uncommon, but Mr. Bennett is usually a literate chap, who should no better. Thankfully, the column isn't on Stuff yet, so I won't have to give a link and cause you to lament like me.

For the record, Charles Bukowski is a fine, fine poet, and, really, more poetry should follow his nihilistic lead than that of the self-indulgence of the Beats and subsequent poetry slammers. I suggest all of you go out and at the very least find Barfly, the Mickey Rourke movie of a typical period in Bukowski's life.

And Joe, please hurry up and read one of his novels. It's well worth it.

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