Friday, 1 June 2007

It's all in the wrists

Afternoon talkback with Danny Watson avoided the Muliagas like the plague. Instead, Danny (formerly of What Now fame in the 1980s with the coolest karate moves and mad-styley pony-tail) was a little bit upset over the changes proposed to the police act that would allow "our boys in blue" to move along demonstrators in an unlawful protest. Hand-cuff 'em an' all. Well, this was an absolute outrage, and purely the fault of our socialist Government which wants everyone to know that it, and it alone, is boss. Yeah, not too much of a stretch to agree with him, but like always, kind of pre-empting the problem.
Rest assured New Zealand, our nation's future is in your hands, and you know what you have to do in 2008. (Provided you vote the Right way for the Right people. They wouldn't try and impinge on your Rights as a private individual.)

Ol' DW did touch on the gold in Northland, asking people whether or not several billion (and when I say several, I mean 33) dollars in minerals was worth digging up in an area with ridiculously low employment (but a lot of money in drugs), in light of the fact that New Zealand has a clean green image with the rest of the world.
He basically decided that we don't have a great environmental record anyways, but we should try and make use of it, even if we fare poorly in comparison to our Australian neighbours (a stupid comparison at the best of times).

Now you're up to date on the world according to Danny. Don't thank. It's better that way.

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