Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Gone in 60 Seconds

Well, Leighton, marvellous Leighton, decided that the topic of the day was reports that Junior Bailey Kurariki was getting bailed next month. This was pure hearsay based on an overnight talkback caller claiming to be Bailey's uncle. (You remember Bailey don't you? The child killer. Or is it killer child? I forget.) Anyway, this was all kicked off by a story on 60 Minutes that had Bailey's mother adopting a three-year-old child (a nephew according to all accounts). Outrage abounded on the wireless. Absolute mayhem. Where was CYF? Where were the police? What were the courts doing? It's all the Government's fault. Everything would be better if we just had less government, and more of our money.

I hope you can handle it, True Believers. I only had an hour, but my vitriol levels were nearing redneck capacity.


George said...

I'm glad you can listen for the rest of us! (have you ever listened to talkback in other languages? It sounds the same no matter who's saying it) I'm holed up in Canberra, and of course we have a lovely media to deal with here too...

It really makes me wonder how people can listen to things that stray so far from reality.

Paul McBeth said...

To be honest George, it pains me to listen to some of the people on the radio. There are intelligent and educated people on these shows. There are hard-working people who want to voice their opinions. Who want to be heard. The problem is the direction of the forum. Talkback could be a powerful thing. Alas, it always seems to be harnessed by the forces of evil. (Haven't managed to catch any in another language, but I'm working on it.)