Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Gratuitous plug number 1

I honestly don't know how the real web hacks do it - several posts a day (hell, even one) is a stretch. When was my last one? A few weeks back on Back Benches. If I could keep up with the big boys, I would.

Anyway, got to plug our website, we're all pretty chuffed with ourselves. First day was the truckers' protest (don't get me started on that - stupidest thing I've ever seen), and we were out in force taking pics and getting the talking heads.

I've still yet to see any coverage on that day that beats Apple Byline's - well done son, well done.

Love-in part two falls to Sandra, who landed our first front page for her ongoing investigation into our roading authorities' disdain for cyclists (maybe I'm being a little unfair there).

And last but not least is our first entry into the annals of media history that is the Dominion Post - kudos to our Anne (with an 'e' no less) for covering our Nic.

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