Thursday, 24 July 2008

12000 miles and they're still quicker

Typical. 12,000 miles away and our colonial masters are still quicker than us.

I'm talking about this lil' piece from NZPA on the Herald's website. Has anyone noticed this in NZ? Maybe, but this link aside, no-one else in Utopia knows that the Daily Chronicle in Horowhenua-Kapiti will probably go from being published five days a week to two and be given away free.

And how did I get on to this - not through my wonderful google reader which has media/journalism stories fed from the Herald website. No, I tip my hat to greenslade and his headline, "New Zealand daily cuts publication", 12,000 miles away on the Guardian's website.

Understandably, the only reason this is making waves down/up there is because the Chronicle's an APN publication and part of the O'Reilly empire (an ongoing saga on greenslade), but with APN's CEO Martin Simons saying, "We have been publishing in the Horowhenua-Kapiti region for 115 years, and we will continue to do so, but the current economics mean we have to change strategies to meet the market," I'd rather see some homegrown comment from people in the know.

The way I see it, it's another sad day for the state of NZ's media. D-Day is August 4 - I will be waiting with baited breath.

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