Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Because I love the interweb

This is a Portugese to English translation I pulled off Google translator for the sole comment (on my last post). I thought I'd pop it in seeing as I haven't done anything else for several aeons and it amuses me.

"Hi, I found your blog by google interesting is well liked this post. I would like to talk about the CresceNet. The CresceNet is a provider of Internet dial that pays its users for the time connected. Exactly what you read, you are paying to connect. The provider pays 20 cents per hour with a dial-up connection local call for more of 2100 cities in Brazil. The CresceNet have an accelerator of connection, which lets your connection up to 10 times faster. Who uses broadband may also gain, simply register at CresceNet and when to sleep connect by dial, it is possible to pay for ADSL only with the money from the dial. In times of single minute spent on the phone is minimal and the return on CresceNet generous. If you want to link the Cresce.Net ( in your blog I would be grateful, and even more success."

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