Friday, 20 June 2008

Is there anybody out there?

Yeah, obviously not me. I've been a filthy salesman for the last however many months - living off the words of others. A giant leap has been taken - I've gone back to school, and am doing Whitireia's Diploma in hackdom - otherwise known as a foot in the door to a career in journalism.
We be playing with some fancy stuff that's way beyond my limited ken, but I shall endeavour to be slightly more interesting than I have been in the past (I gots my Nokia N95 yesterday - it's a dream. There's even a button that will summon a family of migrants that come do your bidding, but due to the costs involved, it isn't utilised much).
Anyway, I think I'll try and get into this gig again - I seem to have a bit more time, but we haven't started running yet. Might have a couple of interesting side-gigs going soon as well, but there's time for us to talk about that later.

Until I have something more interesting to say,

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