Monday, 26 January 2009

These words force you to a new madness

After what seems an interminable amount of time, I've drawn myself back to the blog.

Two weeks, five weeks, 32 weeks, it all seems like much of a blur at the moment.

I've just come off a two week internship at the Dom Post, which was very much an eye-opening experience. While you can see some of what I managed to achieve here, here, here, and here, let's be perfectly honest about this - I was out of my depth.

Sure, the baby reporter moniker has always been something of a piss-take, but I would not envy anyone jumping into the atmosphere of a metropolitan newspaper (or its equivalent) in an entry level position. It's... it's... it's difficult to explain, so I shan't.

I shall merely say that while it wasn't what I expected, I could take away some serious lessons, and so could my compadre, Sandra the luddite (who was able to start off our internship with this wonderful surprise - which sounded incredibly familiar).

And when this baby reporter grows up, he's going to be a full-grown hack...

Something to look forward to...


Other intership adventures can be found here and here.

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