Monday, 18 August 2008

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

Taking DPF's advice, I aim to do this in under 30 minutes.

Tory hack writes:
The Sunday Star-Times best efforts to re-elect the Government continue. They try a double header today.

Socialist hack writes:
Tracey Watkins is said by some of her colleagues to be spending an ‘unseemly’ about of time hanging out in John Key’s office, she’s certainly spent enough time at National HQ recently to get similar with the wall hangings. So, it’s fairly safe to say we know where her loyalties lie, and it’s not with journalistic independence.

Baby hack hopes partisan communication specialists who engage in tit-for-tat games on the interwebs recognise irony.


Clinton Smith said...

Paul. Ouch :-)

actually, I am a socialist and a hack, what an I complaining about?

I would agree the Sunday-Star Time editorial has been Left-leaning recently... but you never know what it will throw up next.. Watkins is consistantly pro-Key.

Paul McBeth said...

Nice of you to visit Clint - now you have to come to the Backbencher on Wednesday.

No real complaints about either post - I just like the irony of partisan hacks (and I do include myself here) publicly criticising media bias. Especially when one is a communications professional.