Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I know I'm falling into the marketing ploy, but...

When I go to my local supermarket, I tend to spend a good twenty minutes flicking through the magazines. This is purely because I'm too cheap to buy them (I'm a student) and I'm too lazy to go to the library.

That being said, I was in for a bit of a shock in my last visit.

They've had a bit of a reshuffle of the titles at the Chaffers St New World - a jockeying for position of sorts - and I was most unimpressed.

Right at the front of the current affairs section was the leading luminary of conspiracy theorists - Investigate Magazine. I'm not so pretentious as to deny flicking through it every now and then (while the prose and content is normally atrocious, I'll grant that Ian does break the odd good story), but I held my head in my hands when I considered that this rag was seated next to Time and The Economist (and only two away from New Scientist) while the NBR (a fine publication - even for a liberal like me) was hidden in the back row.

I know it coincides with the release of his new TGIF digital edition, but surely Howling at the Moon Publishing does not have the cash to buy front row slots for Investigate in the nation's magazine sections.

All I want are two things:

- for someone to confirm that the public does not have an appetite for Investigate's ongoing inquiries into the PM's sexual preference or the Feminist-Islamo-Fascist conspiracy;

- and that Mr Wishart doesn't have the money to pay for this kind of marketing manipulation and is reaping the benefits from some nefarious figure lurking in the background (everyone loves a conspiracy).




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