Friday, 17 October 2008

Votes should be weighed, not counted

Sad, sad, sad. Yet another cynical attempt to manipulate voters.

And I'm disappointed to see it coming from The Standard Team, they're better than that and have kept the negative campaigning to a tolerable level, while focusing on what really matters... what's actually coming out in terms of policy.

So why did they have to come out and call on Progressive Party supporters to cast their party vote for another party on the left and create an overhang? Because it will "help the Greens or Labour get another seat."

Highlighting the problems with the alternative, and a bit of negative campaigning never goes amiss, but this is plain wrong.

Manipulation of the electoral system is never a good option - that's why it was refreshing to see Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia pushing their two-tick campaign. It minimises the overhang and makes it easier for the Maori Party to deal with either major party without alienating the majority of the electorate by wielding disproportionate power (the only person in this nation allowed to do that is Winston).

I hate to quote Brooke Howard-Smith from TV3's Target, but Standard team, shame on you.


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