Monday, 8 September 2008

It pains me to say this...

I don't think I'll ever forgive her for naming Constable A all those years ago, but Deb Hill Cone was spot on in her column about the evils of TradeMe in today's Herald.

I used to be an avid user (when I had some money to waste on second hand books), but, like Deb, I struggled to buy in to the whole feedback thing. Like Facebook's friend tally, your feedback stars turn into a bragging competition about your online popularity (probably because your real life is slightly less flattering).

The constant pestering for positive feedback - even when neither party is satisfied with the outcome seems somewhat absurd - and I really feel for the old hack:
The whole experience made me feel cross. Is it really so unreasonable to simply
want to buy something without all this other bossy palaver? I am fed up with
companies wanting to have a "relationship" with me. From now on I say no to
loyalty cards, corporate Facebook groups and folksy company newsletters. I have
taken a vow of commercial celibacy.

I applaud the stand Deb's taking, but somehow, I don't think I can cut myself off from the TradeMe juggernaut. It ain't easy finding cheap digs or work, and this baby journo ain't nearly good enough at networking to join Ms Hill Cone in her valiant stand.

(She also gives a good serve to Vodafone.)

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