Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Who watches and the watchers, and so on and so forth.

Well who would have thought? I've actually gone and jumped on board the band-wagon (how many years behind am I?), joining the blogging world of Googality.
Do I have anything profound to say? Not really.
Do I have anything interesting to relate? Only on occasion.
What do I have in mind? A few things.
Basically, I sit in an office listening to the media all day long. It's fairly soul-destroying stuff, so I figured why not use the magic of the interweb to fill in my evenings and employ it in a cathartic role. I assume you can see where this is leading...
I'm going to fill you in on the wonderful world of the New Zealand media.
Admittedly I don't actually get to listen to, see, or read every medium we have available in Aotearoa, that would be foolish and would put me into the realm of a day-time talkback host, but I do suffer through a lot, so (here we start to see a bit of a manifesto building) why not let me interpret what the watchers are telling you, me, and everyone we know? Who knows, you may have a giggle, you may think I'm crazy, you may even accuse me of being a right pretentious twat. All of which would be correct responses.
I assume I'll sprinkle random bits here and there. A bit of social commentary (like every other lame-o weekend socialist (that's me too)), the odd book review and rant on literary matters (pretentious twat part coming out), but I will try to avoid writing for it's own sake. Even though this kind of why I'm doing this.
It's been a pleasure to introduce myself, and I hope you enjoy my take on things around these parts.
Y'all come back now.

(I would have had something to say today, particularly about Mercury Energy cutting the power to the woman on an oxygen ventilator in Mangere, resulting in her death, but, alas I've been crook for the last couple of days, and not chained to the monitoring desk. Maybe tomorrow night.)

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